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With iShield™
you don't have to monitor your children everytime they log on.
The only software that accurately blocks Internet pornography


iShield™ is a unique software solution designed to decrease the threat of viewing pornography while browsing the Internet. iShield uses a sophisticated detection engine that analyzes and blocks offensive images displayed in your web browser, protecting your family from pornography.
An innovative browser plug-in, iShield blocks pornographic images when you surf the Internet on your computer using a web browser. iShield is easy to setup, gives you the flexibility to select the level of control that is best for you, and records any pornographic web sites visited.
iShield provides complete pornography protection for Internet users. It accurately detects questionable images and:
  • blocks pornographic images in your web browser
  • select the level of control that is best for you
  • determine what happens when an offensive image is detected
  • record activity of any pornographic sites visited
  • define known safe (white) and unsafe (black) web sites
    With millions of pornographic web sites out there,
    only the best solution will do




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